How to pick a Real Estate Agent in Toronto

Posted on January 6, 2014 in Buying, The Industry


Are you looking to purchase a home in Toronto this year? Here are some tips to pick a real estate agent you can trust and most importantly, has your (not their own) best interests deep down in the cockles of their heart.

First, some red flags that might be worth avoiding in the search for that special someone (real estate agent that is).

• Anyone wearing a bluetooth headset.

• Anyone that does not call you back, or respond to your email or texts within a couple of hours. It’s not difficult to send a quick message even if it’s just to let you know you can expect a more detailed reply a little later.

• Agents that pawn you off to one of their minions shortly after securing you as a client. If you are considering someone with a large sales team find out before you sign a contract who you will be dealing with on a day to day basis. Meet said person and make sure that you a comfortable with them.

• Your second cousin based out of Thornhill because your Auntie said cousin Timmy could really use the business and that it would mean a lot to her. Cousin Timmy might not know squat about the Toronto Real Estate Market. Work with someone who lives here and works here. Buying is a house is kinda important. Sorry cousin Timmy.

• Anyone whose photo on their business card dates back to the two dollar bill.

Next, here are some important traits to look for in your next Real Estate Agent.

• Someone who communicates with you on your terms. Whether you prefer text, phone calls, emails, facebooking or walkie talkies – find someone who will accommodate you, not the other way around.

• Someone you actually like. It can be a long process of weeks or even months searching for a new home. Working with people you get along with is important so consider this when interviewing agents. Wouldn’t suck to want grab a beer with said person after a long night of showings either. Betcha they’d pick up the tab, too.

• An agent who makes time for an interview, not a sales pitch. Do some research, pick your favourite three and sit down with them. Ask lots of questions.

• Speaking of questions, start with these:

1. Do you ever wear a bluetooth headset to talk on the phone when not operating a motor vehicle?

2. Tell me about your last three clients and how you helped them secure their “dream home”?

3. What areas of the City are you comfortable (i.e competent) working in?

4. How do you prepare me to know what to expect? Look for a home buyers guide to layout the entire process from start to finish.

5. Tell me how you handle the Buyers Representation Agreement (contract) and explain the document to me fully and completely. It’s not the iTunes agreement. It shouldn’t be a challenge.

6. Ask for references.

• Someone with resources at their immediate disposal to make the process go smoothly. Think access to mortgage brokers, lawyers, insurance agents etc. You’re building a team to work with, it’s not you all alone out there!

If you are entertaining purchasing real estate in Toronto this year get in touch with us. We’d love to make the short list of agents you interview. We work hard, love our jobs and are good at stuff. Bonus, with us bluetooth is part of the car, not part of our heads.