Trinity Bellwoods

Why we like it.

The Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood has a lot to boast about. It has a big, gorgeous park in the middle with lots of amenities, it’s bordered by two bustling streets (College St. and West Queen West) and as if that’s not enough it also includes the hotspot du jour Ossington Street.  If you are looking for an area with a vibrant nightlife, lots of creative types and beautiful Victorian and Edwardian homes on green, tree lined streets, this should be your next home.

Avg House Price # of Sales Yr/Yr Change
Detached $2,077,995 19 23%
Semi-Detached $1,348,329 48 1%
Row $1,184,021 31 -5%
1 Bedroom Condo $705,091 26 23%
2 Bedroom Condo $984,058 17 -10%

Best Eats.

The food scene in this part of town is a great combination of old favourites and new innovators. Living in this neighbourhood means never having to say “What’s for dinner?”.


Oddly enough, the city’s most decadent onion rings can be found at the city’s most popular vegetarian restaurant. With a mission to make healthy food as crave-able as a burger and fries, they have succeeded with a menu full of veggie options that are both familiar and extraordinary.

Oyster Boy

You may have seen Oyster Boy at various events across Toronto, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the extent of their skills. This cosy Queen W “shuckateria” (we made that word up, but it’s the best descriptor!) serves thousands of bivalves every week, alongside fish tacos, fish and chips and even steak frites!

Nadège Patisserie

Nadège’s calorie-defying creations have been delighting the city with their delicate construction and mind-blowing flavours. For those lucky enough to live nearby, it’s the perfect spot to grab a croissant and coffee during the morning rush, or spend an afternoon coffee break on the patio overlooking the park.

Black Hoof/Rhum Corner/Cocktail Bar 

This trio has been making headlines since day one, and for good reason. Black Hoof’s exotic charcuterie has won many it many fans, the Cocktail Bar is one of the best places in the city for well-crafted, innovative beverages, and Rhum Corner elevates Haitian staples to a sublime experience.

Hudson Kitchen

Hudson Kitchen burst onto the scene last year when they hosted both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston during TIFF (and before they even opened!). Bringing glamour and haute cuisine to Dundas W while keeping it personal and intimate for diners.

Caffeine Fix.

For some reason Trinity Bellwoods is conducive to long walks or chilling in the park, coffee in hand while you solve the problems of the world with your friends. 

White Squirrel

White squirrels have been spotted in the park for years, prompting much lore, a street name, and more recently a coffee shop. White Squirrel coffee is now almost as famous as it’s furry inspiration, but is far less elusive.

R2 Coffee

A popular spot with students, freelancers and other laptop citizens, this is a fantastic spot to enjoy a latte and a biscotti. We love the bright, modern feel to the room and the cheery faces making our coffees.

Drink Here.

If you’re sick of coffee, but haven’t tackled ALL of the problems of the world it’s time to relocate to a bar. 

The Done Right Inn

We have a weakness for great dive bars, and this one has long been on the list of top dives in the city. A ramshackle feel and cheap drinks are a great throwback to when Queen W was the home to punks and artists.


There was a lot of controversy a few years ago when Loblaws announced their plans to open on Queen W., possibly ruining the neighbourhood. Now that residents are used to being able to buy 24 rolls of bathroom tissue locally, we’re happy to see some smaller grocers popping up with more interesting products. 


Supporting local farmers and humanely raised animals, while dedicating their efforts to providing their customers with the best experience possible, Cumbrae’s staff are experts on the choosing and preparation of all their products. From house-made dinners to directions on how to impress with a rack of lamb, they are an excellent addition to the neighbourhood!

Sud Forno

The people who make the city’s favorite pizza (Terroni) opened a bakery/pizzeria/sweets outpost up the street from their original location. Pick up a crusty, grainy loaf of bread, a slice or pie for dinner or a few sweets to liven up your day.

Sanko Japanese Food and Gifts 

All manner of Japanese groceries and housewares can be found in this shop. Grab a few pretty bowls for your ramen, or find that candy you last had in Tokyo.



If solving the problems of the world while reclining in the park is not your thing, head a few blocks east or west for some of the best shopping in Toronto. Queen W. has long been a retail mecca, now the cool shops are on the west side of Bathurst saving your feet from walking from University all the way to Roncey. 


Walking west along Queen street, you may notice a window display that looks like it was transported straight from the Rat Pack era. Take this as a sign to take a sharp turn and enter the lively world of Cabaret vintage, where you can try on outfits from the turn of the century right up to the 70s and 80s and decide which decade suits you best. The uber friendly owners choose only the creme de la creme of pieces, and have recently started their own line of faithful reproductions.


For the kids in your life (whether 8 or 80) Kolkid has a huge range of toys and clothes that are adorable, beautifully made and designed to last. The emphasis is on imagination, not hype and movie tie-ins, so we are always able to find unique gifts that delight both kids and parents.


In this hyper-fast digital age, it’s important to sit down occasionally and savour the (hand) written word. Home to beautiful stationary, fountain pens and more, this is a shop that takes us back to a simpler time.


Don’t be fooled by the shop out front, this is really an active artist studio that happens to sell their wares in the window. Watch as they perform their wizardry in the back as you peruse their covetable bags, housewares and scarves, debating which one is coming home with you.

The Monkey’s Paw

This odd little shop has the only biblio-mat in the city, a curious device that will let you purchase an antique book for only $2. Commissioned for the store, this entry into bibliophila is a sign of the quirky wonders that await you.


Queen W in the 80s and 90s was home to many galleries, artists and avant-garde types who were drawn to the creative atmosphere and cheap rents. Over the past twenty years, gentrification has moved the arts scene further and further west, but the energy and galleries remain nestled in among cafes, bars and shops. 


The pre-eminent gallery for modern Canadian and international artists, MOCCA goes beyond simply displaying works; they also engage the community with more challenging questions about the direction of art and it’s role in our culture.

Stephen Bulger Gallery

Focused on photography, the gallery has over 15,000 prints in it’s collection and has hosted some of the most talked about shows in the city. Drop in to explore a show, go through their collection of photography books or learn something new from their curators.

Well Being.

The residents of T.B. love their yoga and nature time! We want to know if there’s something in the water, and how do we get some? 

Downward Dog

Escape the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood with a class at one of the original Toronto yoga studios. Ashtanga and Vinyasa are on offer, and a range of workshops and levels is welcoming to everyone from beginner to teacher-in-training.

Trinity-Bellwoods Park

As you may have guessed, Trinity-Bellwoods is the anchor of the neighbourhood and serves as both community and spiritual centre to residents. Year-round there is always something going on, sporting activities (swimming, tennis, baseball, soccer, hockey), dog walking, relaxed picnics and napping under a tree.


Elementary Schools

Rating 8.3Ossington Old Orchard Junior Public School

Rating 8Givins/Shaw Junior Public School

Rating 6.1 Charles G Fraser Junior Public School

Secondary Schools

Rating 7.6Harbord Collegiate Institute

Rating 5.4Parkdale Collegiate Institute



506 Carlton – Map

505 Dundas – Map

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511 Bathurst – Map


63 Ossington – Map

Time to Union Station by TTC: 20 Minutes

Time to Yonge and Bloor by TTC: 25 Minutes

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