Photography and Staging

In Real Estate, Looks are Everything

Photography is the absolute most important element of our listing marketing material. All of our marketing efforts (both print and online) depend on top-notch photographs. Humans are visual creatures, looking to images to provide information and clarity about our surroundings. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the right photography and staging of your home can be worth thousands of dollars.

We only use gorgeous, high definition photographs that showcase the property at its very best. Our photographers have the experience and technical proficiency that allows us to capture “the moment” that has been established through careful staging.

24/7 Open Houses

Interactive tours go a step beyond traditional virtual tours. We like to call them “24/7 Open Houses” because they let viewers virtually walk through every room, hallway, loft and basement to really get a feel for what the listing has to offer. Paired with a detailed, to-scale floor plan all the necessary information is at potential buyers fingertips, day and night.

Lifestyle Photography

We hire a professional photographer and often a videographer to create lifestyle marketing content your home. Depending on the property we may also collaborate with local musicians and even actors to help tell your home’s “story” through still photography and/or video. This innovative approach goes far beyond the norm, and will make your home stand out from the competition. These images create an emotional connection with buyers that sell a lifestyle, not simply bricks and mortar. Our aim is to increase the “wow” factor and generate create a buzz around the home, exposing it to an even more buyers

Staging and Furniture Rental

This is something we can’t stress enough – it’s so important that your home make a good first impression in order to command top dollar on the market. Location, location, location may be the rallying cry of some agents, but we say Staging, Marketing, Location! We’re not saying you have to rush out and re-furnish your entire home, but a professional stager or interior decorator can make your home shine. Well chosen furniture, de-cluttering, and a few strategic touch-ups will bring scale to the home and allow buyers to better envision themselves in the space. As much as you may love the velvet Elvis hanging over the mantle, it may be just the thing that makes a great prospect go looking for another property more fitting to their lifestyle.

Professional Landscaping

The first impression of your home is created before someone even walks in the door. Curb appeal can be the deciding factor between a great offer and a buyer walking away. We work with specialists in Landscaping and Garden Care to ensure potential buyers start falling in love with your property before they even get to the front door.