After Your Listing Goes Live

So what happens after your listing goes live? We’ve talked about the open houses already, but there are a bunch of small but critical things we do as well.

For starters, we make sure all agents showing your home have clear instructions on how to do so. Then we follow up with each and every one of them afterwards to get feedback and answer questions. We send out information for the preparation of offers so everyone starts on the same page. We’ve been known to go back at night to double-check locks and to turn on lights on a grey morning before a showing. It’s the little things, sure, but to us, it’s all part of the same big picture.

All this preparation, attention to detail and marketing means that when an offer comes to the table, we’re ready. Be it a low-ball attempt or multiple offers, we’ve dealt with all the regular scenarios and the not-so-regular ones, too. You won’t be left to evaluate the merit of an offer on your own, that’s no fun. We negotiate in your best interest, sort out the cream of the crop and dot i’s and cross t’s.

After offer night you aren’t rid of us (which isn’t a bad thing, promise!). We’ll help you find a lawyer, see to the completion of any conditions and coordinate revisits. There are a number of time-sensitive moving parts when selling your home and we have a checklist to help you through it, too.

Negotiator, marketer, executive assistant, super fun people who are there through it all – you have everything you need to rock this sale!

So what does this look like? From List Date to Close:

  1. Your listing goes live
  2. Agent Open House
  3. Public Open Houses
  4. Follow-up with agents
  5. Offer instructions sent out agents who have shown the property
  6. Offer(s) received
  7. Negotiations
  8. Acceptance
  9. Secure Lawyer to close the deal
  10. Distribute copies of paperwork (lawyer, deal secretary, mortgage holder etc.)
  11. Coordinate any visits related to conditions (inspection, appraisal)
  12. Acknowledge and distribute any waivers (used to firm details for a conditional sale)
  13. Arrange re-visits
  14. Arrange movers
  15. Keys handed to new owner